Bedtime notification: Custom notification times and repeat intervals

I would like the option to customize the bedtime notification time, as well as the repeat interval, with an analog/digital time picker.

This would be a good feature.

Currently, sleep notifications are missing an option to specify when to notify a user about sleep time if there are no alarms set.

I’ve tried to work around this limitation by setting a silent alarm clock to be able to receive sleep notifications. But after I don’t react to an alarm for some time, it starts playing a loud fallback sound.

So, currently, to get sleep notifications for the days when I don’t set alarms, I need to use some kind of 3rd party app which is far from ideal.

Otherwise, the app is great, thank you for your work.

Best regards

Hello, many thanks, bedtime notification without alarm as on our TODO list we will look into this. You can about the fallback sound as well for now… you can go to Settings > Alarm > Backup alarm and set ringtoen to silent…

@Brett you can specify a repeat time in Bedtime notification settings:

Thank you for the response and for the advice

are there any news regarding bedtime notification without alarm?