Beddit integration

From Flipke Donckels on 2014/10/18 06:39:27 +0000

I recently bought the Beddit and must say I’m very impressed with it’s data and accuracy. As your app provides many useful features and stats I’d love to keep using, it would be great if you could integrate the Beddit making both products a killer combination to monitor sleep, as Beddit tracks heart rate, breathing, snoring, time out of bed and detailed sleep data.

Copied from original feature request:

From Thoms Be on 2017/03/16 20:21:21 +0000

Any news about this?

From Anonymous on 2017/02/06 22:18:21 +0000


From Anonymous on 2016/11/21 16:40:23 +0000

Second the update request!

From Leith Cullen on 2016/09/12 23:14:56 +0000

Any update on this?

From Anonymous on 2016/07/28 22:08:15 +0000

any news???

From Petr Nálevka on 2015/09/22 09:28:09 +0000

Many thanks, we plan to look at the unofficial api later on…

From Anonymous on 2015/09/20 12:45:11 +0000

Their app is horrible… There is no comparison between yours and beddit… I Hope they'll let you to integrate beddit with your great app…but even with me their customer service hasn't been giving an answer for 2 months…

From Fro Do on 2015/07/20 07:20:34 +0000

Any news about this? I also own a Beddit sensor now and an integration with SaA would be a great features and probably help both products.

From Jonah on 2015/06/11 14:59:07 +0000

Can't tell from your comments , Petr, if you've gotten ahold of the API. Here's the documentation:

From Petr Nálevka on 2015/02/13 13:44:22 +0000

Hello guys, I did receive the Beddit device today but realized that I cannot find any API to access the actual sensor which is necessary to integrate with Sleep as Android. I only see an API to access the already aggregated data. I had an impression there was a way to access the device but cannot find it anymore. I will contact their support to find out more or if you have any insight please comment…

From Kellen on 2015/01/30 23:14:45 +0000

I am so excited about this! I'd like to leverage the (seeming) ability of Beddit to detect when you've gone to bed, perhaps automatically starting (and stopping) the sleep tracking. Also integration with Hue and others to signal changes to the environment once I lay in bed.

From Yaniv on 2015/01/30 19:17:27 +0000

Hey Petr.
I got you a development device from Beddit.
Look for my email.

From Yaniv on 2015/01/24 20:39:23 +0000