Battery Usage on Oppo Watch

Hi All,

I’ve recently got a new oppo 41mm watch, however sleep as android seems to drain the battery really quickly.

I’m starting sleep as android then putting the watch into theatre mode, however within about 5hrs the watch reverts to battery saving mode (typically lasts most of the day normally).I’ve looked at the battery usage this morning and sleep is showing as 1% usage and watch face 78%.

I tried to switching off heart rate tracking in SaA last night but no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas to reduce battery usage?


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Same here.
Battery drains from 100 to 0 in less than 6 hours.
Starting a sleep tracking session twice (start-cancel-start again) won’t work until “force-closing” the app on the watch.
The “test sensors” feature in the wearable section behaves buggy as well.
All in all the Oppo Watch, even though it runs WearOS, seems to have compatibility problems with Sleep as Android.
At the moment there’s actually no way to run the app on this certain device!