Battery drain of my Wear OS smartwatch

I have a Oppo Watch (Wear OS) and I have the Sleep app installed on it.
I go to sleep with 100% battery, and when I wake up it’s at 6%. What could be causing this much battery drain from the app?
I have been using the app for the last 4 days. In this 4 days, I have tried switching off some options (Oxygen reader, wi-fi from the watch, etc.) and I see no improvements. I don’t know what else I could do.

There are some statistics of battery drain in Wear OS app. Try to look there.

I checked before posting and the battery drained 94% but the statistics only showed 20%.

OK. I recommend you to go to the SaA app on your phone and send a bug report. It will send some logs and it can help the devs to identify the problem. Also they are much more active there.

Ok thank you very much!