Battery Drain in Fossil Gen 5


I was testing the public version of the application and I noticed that in the WearOS version it is draining the battery going from maybe 70% to 1% in a matter of 6 or 7 hours.

I understand that this is because you may be running some layer of computation on the device itself that is heavy on the battery.

Worst of all, when the watch reaches a very low battery level, it interrupts sleep tracking, making it impossible to sync with Google Fit.

Hello neirth,

I use the same watch, rougly for two years now. Even accounting for the battery degradation I still lose about 40% for about 7-8 hours of sleep, with HR tracking on.

Have you tried to use the powersaver (which uses batch send instead of a continuous connection - but doesn’t have audio recording) to see if you get better results?

I would also suggest disabling any unneeded features on the watch like WiFi or NFC, and switching to a battery friendly watchface (I use Horizon Smart Watch Face but it might not be your type) and uninstalling any apps you don’t use. Those have helped me a lot with battery drain in general.