Battery drain and obnoxious focus - Galaxy Watch Active

I updated to 1.0.13 yesterday just before bed.

When I started tracking, the watch got a bit warm after a while.
It also became very sluggish and the battery had drained 23% in an hour!
(If the stats are correct it drew 80% battery during my 7 hour sleep)

It seems that something got buggered :frowning:

Just now when I tried to check for battery usage (through app settings on the phone), the app on the watch refused to let me go back to watch face and just popped back up again and again.
I had to force stop from the phone.

Thanks a lot for reporting this.
I did not have the same issues (battery drain and sluggishness) while testing, but I guess it could differ on different models.

This has something to do with the time that now shows on the app and the way it updates. I’ll release a fix shortly.

Sorry for the issues.

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Exactly the same problem here, with Samsung Gear S2. Runs “Native Gear Companion” 1.0.13, now a fully charged battery is dead after 6 hours.

A fix was submitted last Friday

Let’s hope it gets out soon! :slight_smile:

Yes, the fix still didn’t get through the review process as of today - there probably isn’t any problem on our side, it just takes them long sometimes. We also have another update ready so once this hotfix gets through, we’ll push another update for review which is going to bring further battery optimalization.

Thanks for your patience.

I’ve updated to the “Native Gear Companion” 1.0.14 on Samsung Gear S2 but the problem persists.

@AndreMartin the battery dies after 6 hours even on the 1.0.14?
Does also the app pop back every time you try to leave the app?
Do you see any other symptoms?

Anybody else experience the same on the 1.0.14 as @AndreMartin?

I’m thrilled to see I finally can use other apps on the watch while the companion is active.

However, battery power still goes from full to dead in 7 hours.

No other issues.

I have the same after update :frowning:

It works now (for me) but it seems to require a reboot of the watch to do so:

  • 1.0.13 drained the battery as described above, and the watch shut down.
  • I charged the watch and then updated to 1.0.14. However the same battery drain remained and the watch shut down again.
  • I charged the watch and turned it on again - thus the first reboot after the 1.0.14 update - and now it works as it did before this problem arose, leaving me with roughly half a battery after a full night of sleep tracking.

So all seems well now.

That’s a relief.

Could anyone else please confirm whether the excessive battery drain issues are solved for them?

(Or at least back to what was before. I’m aware that for a lot of users, the battery hit on the Gear watch is large when you do sleep tracking. In the next version 1.0.15 which is currently pending validation there will be a slight battery optimization so hopefully that will make some tangible difference)

I was going to test it last night, but I forgot to switch from Pebble to Galaxy Watch so no tracking was done.


I have now tested.
No excessive drain, it was 100% when going to bed and 66% 7 hours later, as before 1.0.13.

Great. Let’s see if something moves with 1.0.15. Thanks!

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It seems very unstable for me: first night with v.14 it was fine (7hrs), 2nd night it was down to 0% again (7hrs), 3rd night it was down to 20% (9hrs).

Yeah, for me too.
First night all ok, but last night it bugged out and had drained more and was unresponsive.

My hopes are for 1.0.15 being better.

First night with v.15 was great, still over half the battery capacity left in the morning.

Hey everyone, I’m new to Sleep as Android and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Wanted to chime in with my experience.

Been using Sleep As Android for the past two weeks on my S10 and purchased the unlock yesterday. Decided to connect my Galaxy Watch up using the Sleep as Android - Native Gear Companion. Syncing it up was easy and I charged my watch before bed last night to ensure it was at 100%. I started Sleep from my watch and went to bed. When I woke up, the charge was down to just 10%!

This is using Sleep as Android version 1.0.15 on a 2 week-old Galaxy watch and before installing Sleep, battery life would go down just 15-20% during sleep. I love the app and am fine with just using it on my phone as it’s charging, but I’d really like to leverage the watch data as well. Unfortunately it’s unusable with this kind of battery drain.

My battery drain is back to normal; take the watch off the charger, go to sleep, 67% left when waking up.

So I’ve been using Sleep for the past week and only experienced the massive battery drain on the first night. Since then it’s only gone down to around 65% from a full charge, so not sure what happened that first night, but it’s working fine now!