Battery consumption in beta versions

Hello all,

Is there anything that would justify excessive battery consumption in the beta version of SaA, both on the phone and on the watch?

I own a Pixel 5 and a Fossil Carlyle Gen 5. Up to now my battery consumption on a full night’s sleep was not great but not terrible either. Without flight mode, WiFi on, and everything enabled on Sleep as Android (heart rate monitor, sounds recording) I used to wake up after 7 to 8 hours with both devices at around 65%-70% battery remaining.

But with the beta, when waking up they were both around 40%. Yesterday, during a 10 hour sleep, both were below 20% and that was just with tracking, without an alarm set.

Betterbatterystats had just two entries of Sleep as Android (I believe the second was the recording wakelock) each with 25% battery consumed, and nothing else.

I reverted to the stable version for now just to test things out, just wondering if anyone else had the same experience.

So, back in stable version, battery consumption is back to normal, roughly 30-35% per night with the same usage. Will do some more tests though.