Backup app settings to SD card

From LT on 2015/07/26 17:46:34 +0000

since the app has so many settings, I would appreciate having a possibility to export the settings to a file and/or dropbox. every time I get a new phone/perform factory reset I need to set it up from scratch which is quite time consuming.

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From Alberto on 2015/10/10 09:47:41 +0000

Yes this would be very useful. Settings are so detailed and this is very fine, but requires much time to do a fine setup. Would great to have a way to back up and restore the settings. This would be also great to test a complete different set of settings and them come back. This will be optimal to acclude with debug mails also. The problem is that often happens to have to reinstall phone and /or apps, rebuilding thing from scratch. The time spent to fine-tune the app is a value, so my setting are like a work of mine, why would I not be enablef to save them and restore when I need? (This of course could need to handle an application version info saved within, from which the settings were made, with a little eventual migration tool for interpreting settings saved with a previous main version, if settings structure changes radically).

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From Anonymous on 2015/08/20 21:20:51 +0000

Even on my 5.0 device changing storage to external sd card shows error

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From LT on 2015/07/26 17:47:52 +0000

*should have been backup of course

Hey, we already do that! You can find your backed up settings at the same place your sleep records are backed up (by default /sleep-data/prefs.xml