Backup alarm - Turn off the feature

Is there a way how to disable backup alarm functionality?
I found just to push it 2 hours later.

I’d like to entirely turn it off.

Not directly disable it, but there are some ways to adjust it.
What exactly do you want to achieve? A never-ending alarm? Could you describe the use case a little? Thank you

Same here. The feature would be to just disable the backup alarm.

Hello Jason, you can disable the backup alarm by setting a silent ringtone for it…

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I would also like to be able to disable this feature.

Hello Evan, you can disable the backup alarm by settings its ringtone to Silent (Settings -> Alarm default settings -> Back up alarm -> Ringtone - Silent).

I am looking to disable the back-up alarm on the weekend, but keep it enabled on work days. However, setting the ringtone to silent is a global option and therefore disables it across all alarms, rendering the feature useless for me.

Has anyone found a different way to do this?