Awesome app! Thought of a feature request


Hope all is well.
Awesome app guys.
I love how on the graphs screen I can drop down and choose different graphs to display with the data.
I think it would be useful and cool to add to that drop down menu a graph that shows wake up time as well.
I see a scatter plot and other wake up time displays of the data in the chronotype tab. Would be cool to see a line graph of the wake up time in the graph tab toom
Thanks guys, and again - awesome app awesome idea awesome data analysis tool plus awesome incorporation of diff things like hue lights, wearables, etc.
Loving it.


Hi, thanks!
It’s actually already there, though it’s not really a line chart.
Check the chart under Trends > Graphs.
That’s a graph that shows both fall asleep and wake up times, and also your sleep phases.