Awake Management, how to see, how to list, how to edit

Awake detection is enabled, but it is hard for me to understand and to use. Of course I read the documentation.
How to see awake periods in sleep on diagrams?
Sometimes on the diagram there is a “||” icon, this could be an awake period, but I am not sure. And there are no borders, there is no different color. Why it can’t be shown clearly using different colors or something else to distinguish awake periods from sleep periods?

How to list awake periods?
In one topic I read that someone was able to delete 2 of 5 awake periods. How he did? I am not able to list awake periods and others can even delete them, where can I find the list of awake periods? If there is a list then I miss an intuitive way to find this list. And in this list: is it possible to edit them (delete, change start and end)?

If I use the scissors to delete periods not at the beginning or at the end, are they deleted? Or are they marked as awake periods?

Awake periods are shown on the lower diagram, OK. But a summery of total awake time is not available.
And I would like to see a list of awake periods together with the reason, why it is classified as awake period. This would help me to disable the awake detection options which leads to wrong awake detections. Currently I have no idea why so much periods are marked as awake and my statistics are wrong.