Awake detection

Hi Sleep as Android,

I’ve been using the app for many years and am still finding it useful. I’m a heavy sleeper - and until recently I relied on multiple apps to wake up : sleep as android, a webradio app and another one on Android called “I can’t wake up”. I recently found out how to connect sleep as android to a web radio - so that the second app is now useless - but for the third app, there’s one functionality that would be missing : it’s called “awake detection”. Basically, what this app does is - like Sleep as Android - present you with captchas, math quizzes, etc. but then X min later the alarm does ring again just to make sure you’re up - and if you don’t disable it within say 60 seconds it “re-arms” and you’re back to square one - i.e. you have to solve the captcha again etc.

I’m under the impression this is one functionality missing in Sleep as Android and that I’d consider very useful. I looked at backup alarms but they only fire up if you miss the alarm - not if you successfully solve the captcha and then go back to sleep (yes, I’m a heavy sleeper!)

Maybe you could consider adding that in one of your next updates? I know Sleep as Android’s devs are always very responsive so I thought I might ask about that. And I really don’t think it would be requiring much coding to get that up and running.

Thanks, and thanks also for the great app I still love it after all those years :slight_smile: