Awake detection - Sleep as Android

Figure 1. Awake detection settings

Sensitivity settings as shown in Figure 1, “Awake detection settings” can further fine tune awake detection. For instance in case of light detection we use a 30 LUX, 60 LUX and 120 LUX threshold with low, medium and high sensitivity.

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thank you SOOOOOO much for adding settings for Awake detection, the sensitivity settings are exactly what I’ve been hoping and waiting for!! I just have one question… for the heart rate detection sensitivity settings (I’ve been ESPECIALLY hoping for exactly this setting ability so thank you again!!), what exactly are the threshold differences for low/medium/high?? like what are the (I’m assuming) heart rate increases for each level?

thank you again for this!! :slight_smile:

I like the sensitivity settings, but I feel they need more fine-tunning. For example, SAA keeps detecting me as awake several times through the night when I added a heart rate sensor. My resting heart rate is quite low, so even on the “low” sensitivity it takes only a ~12 bpm increase and it’ll detect me as awake, when in reality I never woke up.