Awake detection setting for tracking with smartwatch

I wonder whether I have to change the awake detection settings, if I use my Samsung Gear Sport watch for sleep tracking without positioning my phone on the bed. E.g., is “movement intensity” read by the accelerometer in the phone or the watch?
Bonus question: Will disabling sleep tracking in Samsung Health affect Sleep as Android’s readings? I figured communication to a single app might improve battery life.
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Us helpful my android phone.

The wearable’s accelerometer communicates to your Sleep As Android phone app via Bluetooth. Once you choose to use your wearable, Sleep As Android knows what to do if it’s on the approved list. Long press on “wearables.” And choose yours. They all differ in terms of watch battery life, etc., but I prefer it to Sonar because it just works for me. I think a wearable is far superior to using the bed alone, because different beds transfer movement differently, whereas your wearable should work identically no matter what kind of mattress you use. It’s also safer, because you’re not putting a lithium ion battery in your bed while you are sleeping. Since they added Sonar, you never need to use the mattress.

With Samsung Health, just connect to it in Sleep As Android’s connected cloud services menu. It will use Sleep As Android’s sleep data in your Samsung Health app. I don’t use a Samsung wearable, but I think this should work well. I do have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so I use Samsung Health.

Hope this helps. I’m just another user, so perhaps the developers might be able to better clarify this.

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