Average heartbeat

Would it be interesting and possible to add an average heartbeat number for each nights sleep. Hopefully discount the spikes when when one wakes up and goes for a pee.

Hi @Gerrysan, I’m interested in the use case - what would an average heart beat tell us?

It might be nice to have some long term statistic of how your heart behaves during nights.
Would an average HR however be a good measure of that?

For example, an average wouldn’t distinguish between a mildly elevated HR for the whole night, and between a night with many spikes and dips. Maybe a median value might be more representative, @jan-urbandroid might have some ideas?

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That could work as an addition, but personally, I need to know the spikes upon standing, and then upon sitting and lying down. I have a tachycardia problem and am trying to avoid having to wear a Holter monitor to diagnose it specifically. (I did that once in my life and I never want to do it again.) The all-night continuous HR readings from my Scoche Rhythm 24 is so far providing helpful data, especially from Sleep Cloud.

Also, an average would not necessarily tell you much needed information about the conditions under which your heart beats slower and when it beats faster. An average would put a kind of fog in front of some very key data for those who need it. Those peaks aren’t outliers; they are significant data for some of us.

But, that’s an option, I suppose. Although anyone could collect their numbers and average them in Excel. You could even delete the peaks if you don’t want them.

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Thanks @jiri-urbandroid, for looking at this. I had stopped using SAa for a while but with the recent update to the REM cycle interpretation it has become very interesting again. In the big picture I am interested in lucid dreaming. I was using the Notify app to pass the data from a miband3 to SAa. It doesn’t do REM but it did do the HR during sleep and also an average HR night by night. I can easily correlate actions during the day with the Average HR. Eating a big meal late. Exercise late, an extra glass of wine…:wink: This is quiet interesting. That’s why I ask. Median is maybe more what I mean. Not being expert on the difference between median and average.
@Robin_Markowitz I wouldn’t be looking to take away the HR graph as it is at the moment. Just adding another chart.

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Hi, here is a screenshot from Notify demonstrating what I mean.

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That’s pretty nice. I think we might be able to squeeze this into our Graphs chart in the same way.


That would be Fantastic. Thank you for listening. I have found it correlates very well with how one has been during the day and how it affects one’s sleep. Eating a big meal late Etc etc
Cheers Gerry

Want to stick a vote in here for this as well. I love the robust HR line but my last iPhone app before switching to Android had quite a bit of insight from the difference between waking average HR and sleeping. It’s apparently healthy to have at least a 15% drop and I noticed spikes when eating late, eating too much sugar or salt, or after more strenuous exercise. Would love to have those insights back.