Autosleep drains my entire phone battery in less than 2 good

Whenever I just lay down on my couch to watch TV or read, autosleep kicks in. As a result, phone battery is dead within 2 hours.

Thanks for reporting! Are you using sonar?


This is case that we need to handle better apparently. We know that sonar is battery intensive, and we recommend users to have the phone on charger when tracking with sonar. But obviously in this case you don’t start the tracking so shouldn’t be expected to put your phone on charger at some specific time.

What do you think @petr-urbandroid @marcel-urbandroid?

Hello, we are still working on the auto start feature, this is one thing we planned from the beginning but did not yet implement. If sonar is enabled and there is no wearable we require the phone on charger to start tracking automatically…