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sleep_tracking_started …​ sleep_tracking_stopped …​ sleep_tracking_paused …​ sleep_tracking_resumed …​ alarm_snooze_clicked You have snoozed a ringing alarm. alarm_snooze_canceled You have a canceled an alarm that is currently snoozed. time_to_bed_alarm_alert Fires when you get a bedtime notification. alarm_alert_start Fires when alarm starts. We are sending the following values: value1: UNIX timestamp of the alarm start time, example: "1582719660934" value2: alarm label, example: "label" (Any tabs and newline characters in the label will be removed before sending) alarm_alert_dismiss Fires when you dismiss alarm (after you solve CAPTCHA, if it’s set). alarm_skip_next Fires when you tap dismiss an alarm from notification before it actually rings. rem Fires when we estimate the start of REM phase. smart_period Fires 45 minutes before the smart wakeup period starts. lullaby_start Fires when lullaby starts playing. lullaby_stop Fires when lullaby is stopped (either manually or automatically). lullaby_volume_down Fires when we detect you fell asleep and starting lowering the volume of lullabies. deep_sleep Fires when we detect you going into deep sleep phase. Warning: This may result in lots of events during the night and may not exactly fit the resulting sleep graph as we can only detect phases reliably from whole-night data. light_sleep Fires when we detect you going into light sleep phase. Warning: This may result in lots of events during the night and may not exactly fit the resulting sleep graph as we can only detect phases reliably from whole-night data. awake Fires when we detect you woke up. not_awake Fires when we detect you fell asleep. apnea_alarm Fires when we detect a significant dip in your oxygen levels. antisnoring Fires when antisnoring is triggered. sound_event_snore Fires when we detect snoring. sound_event_talk Fires when we detect talking. sound_event_cough Fires when we detect coughing. sound_event_baby Fires when we detect baby cry. sound_event_laugh Fires when we detect laughter.

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The docs state that events sometimes pass values onto services. For example “alarm_alert_dismiss” passes two variables, a timestamp and the label of the alarm. However I cannot get Tasker to see these variables. Is Sleep as Android correctly sending variables to Tasker, or am I incorrectly setting this up? I tried to use them with the “evtprm” variable as discussed in the Tasker documentation.

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For what it’s worth, it appears if you snooze, then tap on the notification to stop the alarm you will only receive the event name in the json data. When I dismiss it without snoozing I see the expected values:


I need an event that gets triggered before an alarm starts to ring by a fixed time. The smart_period event works for this purpose, but only if sleep tracking is enabled. Is there a possibility for such an event? Maybe smart_period event can still be triggered even thought sleep tracking is not enabled?

Hello @casablanca, I’m adding the intent com.urbandroid.sleep.alarmclock.SHOW_SKIP_NEXT_ALARM_ACTION_AUTO… this will be send exactly 1 hour before the next alarm is triggering…

This will be available to enable in Settings > Automation > Events…

Hope that helps…

Forgot to mention that this will appear in the next BETA version of the app which I will be releasing probably today or tomorrow…

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before_alarm is sent via webhook 1 hour before the alarm but is not listed here. Probably related, show_skip_next_alarm is not sent at all. It seems like it got renamed or something.

smart_period doesn’t seem to work for me in Webhooks (ifttt) as trigger either.

Hello again @petr-urbandroid,
Was wondering, what’s the difference between before_alarm and show_skip_next_alarm ?

Hi, it looks like sleep_tracking_started isn’t sent for automated sleep tracking. Is it the expected behaviour?

Hi Alisa, could you check, if this intent is enabled in Settings > Services > Automation > Events?

If it is, please send us the Logs (Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug). Thanks!

It would be very helpful if time_to_bed_alarm_alert passed the value for the time that the app considers to be your ideal bedtime, e.g. if the app thinks I should sleep at 23:17 it should pass 23:17. Currently it passes the time for the actual alarm (i.e. 9:00) which is not as helpful. This would be nice so that I can, for example, have my lights automatically dim and then then turn off at my ideal bedtime.

One more thing, it would also be great if smart_period also passed the value for the real alarm time.