Automatically delete sleep tracking records that are too short

I’m using automatic sleep tracking > after fall asleep (experimental). Occasionally, I can see sleep tracking records that last only a few minutes. Can we provide a setting to automatically delete/drop tracking records that are below certain time length (N minutes / N hours), e.g. minimum record length?

Hello @Charles_Lu, this is what we normally do… automatic sleep tracking triggers a series of sleep tracking attempts, when conditions - using low battery consuming sensors are met we start an sleep tracking attemps, then we use all the sensors and look for awake hints… in case we sense awake we stop the tracking and delete related sleep data. This mode is valid for the first 45 minutes of the sleep tracking attemtp and it becomes harder and harder - more awake hints are needed as we progress toward the 45 minutes… after that we keep tracking and awakes are marked a awake in the graph…

Please see for details

if this is not working as expected, could you please use - menu > report a bug and tell me the time when you see this sleep graph fragments?