Automatic sleep detection customization

Edit: I have edited the title to add one more suggestion. Bold text is for easier reading :slight_smile:

Hello! I have a few suggestions/additions for the automatic sleep detection feature.

First, a “snooze option”. Let me explain: I am suffering from Non-24 sleep-wake syndrome which causes my sleep schedule to shift a bit every single day. That means that the automatic sleep detection feature is not ideal for me (since I really don’t have a standard sleep schedule, there isn’t a baseline on which the app can accurately calculate when I’m asleep or awake). That results in a lot of false positives, meaning that while I’m awake and working on the computer having the phone by my side, Sleep as Android detects no movement and starts sleep tracking despite me being awake. Even when I dismiss tracking, it usually begins again within a few minutes or hours.

That said, automatic sleep detection is a great feature for me especially on days where I pull all-nighters and fall asleep before having the chance to manually enable tracking.

What would greatly help in avoiding false positives, is having some kind of snooze button on sleep tracking, when it has commenced through the automatic detection feature. For example, after dismissing tracking (again, only when it starts through said feature) we could have a “don’t enable for X hours” option, or similar.

I understand this could be difficult to implement, and it’s probably not going to be of any help to most users with a “normal” sleeping schedule, I’m just wondering wether something like that is technically possible.

Second, customization regarding tracking termination. I have been using automatic sleep detection for about a month now, and apart from false positives on start, it works flawlessly. However, I noticed that when sleep tracking is started automatically and there’s no alarm set (haven’t tried yet with an alarm set), sleep tracking stops automatically at first sign of awakeness. Which, for me, is when I wake up still half asleep, turn around on my side, and fall asleep again :smiley:

So for example I end up waking at 4pm, with tracking stopped around noon to 1pm.

It would be great to have an option to manually stop tracking, like in the alarm options (“terminate tracking” which if not clicked keeps tracking until we stop it). Better yet, it would be great to move that option under under global Sleep Tracking options, so we could select to either automatically end tracking on detect awakeness/ring or keep it running until we stop it manually.

Thank you and happy new year to everyone :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. Not due to illness, just due to a very erratic schedule and sleep habits (good luck with your ailment!).

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