Automatic Calendar Alarm

The alarm looks on through the calenders for events at sets the alarm for a given time frame before that event.
Example, “:clock430: before 2 hours for Private Calendar events”.

Thank you.

I’d love this, especially if it would see how long before the event that I set my notification in the calendar program. In case I accidentally forget to pre-set my Do Not Disturb to an earlier automatic time. Or if it proves reliable enough, I could choose a default setting like “One hour/30 mins/15 mins before scheduled calendar event” for when I want the alarm to be scheduled. Plus I could edit it manually for each event, if one might need less prep time than others.

And also, choosing how long before the event it can show a note making me aware it’s coming up. “3 days/2 days/1 day before scheduled calendar event.” Defaults I can choose.

And by the way, I have a Google Calendar account, but I use Samsung Calendar to display it due to better functionality and theme compatibility. Plus I use my Samsung account on it too for certain background schedules. So having it able to mesh with several popular calendars instead of just Google Calendar would be cool. :smile_cat: