Automate sleep tracking pause and resume with tasker

I’d love the option to create a task in tasker to pause and resume sleep tracking.

Right now there is the option in the settings to pause sleep tracking when you flip your phone, I’d like to reverse it by flipping the phone back, this would be easy to set up in tasker if those options were there.

It’d obviously also open up other ways to pause and resume sleep tracking in a number of ways.

Awake Detection already does that without you having to do anything.

I would advise taking the phone with you during tracking so the Bluetooth doesn’t drop the connection. Otherwise, there’s nothing else you need to do. You could also press the pause button. Neither option requires any automated script to do it. You’ve already got it through the Sleep As Android developers’ hard work!

The only thing I do when walking to the restroom is hit the nightlight thingy. And when I return, I hit it again. Yes, that could be automated - theoretically, but it’s super easy!

Okay, you could make a Tasker script to automate the “pee light.” You could do that.


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If only Wake Detection DID detect me being awake. I have it on the most sensitive possible motion-sensing setting, movement sensors active on my phone (as well as Location services active with High Accuracy setting), the phone is RIGHT up against my shoulder AND under my CPAP hose, so when I’m moving around in bed it HAS to feel it, getting directly bumped by my shoulder, my ribbed breathing hose rubbing up against its corner like a dull-toothed saw-blade trying to penetrate a tree… And yet, despite the movement graph going extremely high when I’m rolling around repeatedly, trying to pop my poor painful back in the middle of the night… it NEVER counts it as awake.

Even when I pick up my phone and frantically shake it, like a mad symphony conductor for almost a whole minute, to see if I could ever get it to mark as Awake or pause tracking. Activity sensor goes extremely high… but it only counts as Light Sleep or REM Sleep the next day.

Even if I pick up my phone and am doing all kinds of stuff with it (in addition to high movement sensitivity, I also have it set to high sensitivity for phone usage), surfing the web, leaving chat messages, watching short YouTube clips… 99% of the time, it STILL doesn’t pause the tracking, or count me as awake. I must be sleep-surfing on the phone, and sleep-waving it through the air, that’s it, totally normal right? :confused: