Autodetect by mibamd 6 and other problems

I heard a lot good things about this app but in my opinion even Mi Fitness app is better to track my sleep, please convice me is not true.
Firstly there is no simple view to show how many hours I slept secondly Im using mi band 6 to track my sleep and Im using autodetect which doesnt work at all, ofcourse I turned on this option in settings and test sensor. I don’t get it why this app is so popular with totally not readeable charts.
For example (screen shot) I see 10h and below 3:20 what that means? I didnt sleep 10h. For example on screen from Mi Fitness I see how long I slept and additionally I see my nap.

Hi Peter,
the sleep duration chart shows two numbers - the top one is total sleep duration, and the bottom one is the difference of the sleep duration from your sleep daily goal (in this case 3 hours and 20 minutes surplus).
On the efficiency chart (the one with eye icon), you see percentage of sleep during the tracking (ratio between tracking duration and sleep duration). The number below shows the sum of awakes periods.

Would you mind sharing the whole graph for this? It looks like the tracking run abnormally long. Was the automatically started, or manually started?
Was the wearable used? If not, where exactly was the phone, and which sensor was used?

Screen below, as I wrote in first post, im using mi band 6 with autodetection. I dont see today sleeping.

Could you please share the full graph (not the list of graphs)? I need to see the tags and the progress of the actigraphy at the top.

You can also use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, ideally after the graph is finished. I am afraid the new events from the past three days already pushed the tracking from Friday away.

The automatically started tracking should never last more than 12 hours (it ends automatically if this happens). Just by looking at the screenshot of the preview, the super-long awakes would end it anyway.
So the graph with 14 hours of sleep and 19 hours of awake is probably manually started.

This 23 hours long graph completely throws off the stats for the 14 days average. If there are more graphs like this in your recent history, the average 10:30 sleep duration is only a result of such strange entries.

Could you please send the screenshot of the graph of this last tracking?