Autoboot my phone

After a period of sleep tracking I know my ideal sleepduration etc. Now I only want to get a smart alarm in the morning, so that I can shut down my phone in the night. Please add “autoboot” to: settings, sleep tracking, smart wake up, start automatically.

Hello, this is unfortunately not possible with Android smartphones. We don’t have any way to boot your phone when it’s turned off…

It is possible for system apps on some devices, I think. So it could work with root.

We don’t plan on directly supporting root-only features, but out of curiosity, could you please post some more details on the apps that are capable to do this?
If it works with root, it might work with Tasker on a rooted phone.

I don’t know much about this, but a quick Google search for “smartphone boot for alarm” brought a lot of results where people switched to a new phone and suddenly didn’t have the feature anymore, for example here:
It seems to be a feature in most phone models, but not all. And apparently it allows all alarm apps to work even with the device “off”, so it should also work without root, but not on all devices.
On those that have root, of course everything is possible, some have even suggested stuff like modifying the recovery to look like a turned off phone and replacing “power off” with “reboot to recovery” and so on. Of course that’s not what SAA should do.