Auto sleep detection thru wearable

I have ticwatch S2. And way to set up auto sleep detection, vs opening the app and having to manually initiate ?

Hello, we are IMHO 2 weeks from releasing a brand new auto-start feature into Sleep as Android… it will estimate your best sleep start times and start sleep tracking for you and discard sleep tracking if it finds out you are not yet sleeping and start again later on…

This will work based on your phone’s activity data… please stay tuned…

Based on phone’s activity data? How’s that going to work? I barely use my phone within an hour sometimes 2 prior to bed. My phone is just sitting on my end table while I watch tv not being touched. When the show is over I carry it to the charger and still haven’t woke it up or used it. I currently start Sleep as Android via my watch.

I had a fitbit prior to getting my ticwatch pro and sleep as android. My fitbit always seemed to know when I was asleep. Always seemed to get the correct time I went to bed also which varied within 30 minutes during the week and as much as 60 on the weekends. Heck, it even knew when I may have napped on the weekends.

I don’t know if fitbit did this based on the phone in anyway, but I don’t see how this would be accurate.

In genral this is a feature which a wearable manufacturer only can do as they can get all sensor data all day long form the device at no additional cost (meaning battery)…

We cannot do that, 1) we would need to implement this quite demanding functionality for every wearable platform we support: Pebble, Wear OS, Galaxy Gear, Mi Band, Garmin… and we would need to run on the watch all day long. 2) Most platforms don’t even allow this, and on most platform this would consume your battery in no time.

This is why we use phone activity tracking as the only thing we can actually do… but of course it will work well only for people who actively use their phone before bedtime… if you leave your phone on the table 2 hours before bed you will probably get +2 hours sleep tracking on average…

Understood. Thanks for the explanation. I didn’t consider all the different models you had to support. I’ll give it a go when it comes out to see if it works for me or not.



I have a suggestion how to improve the detection.
It won’t help to everyone, but at least someone will have better detection.

For example I plug the charger when going to bed.
So it would be great to have an option not to start tracking without connected charger and use phone activity only when charging.

What I have also noticed is that when the automatic tracking starts and I turn on the screen before going to bed the tracking does not stop or at least pause.