Aurora simulator


I would suggest a new functionality to sleepasandroid.
Aurora simulator: This function will light up the phone screen gradually, simulating the dawn.
Based on the book I’m reading, gradual light prepares our brain to wake up, having several positive effects.

The book:

Dear @Alan_Rodrigues, thanks for the suggestion! We already have this feature in Sleep as Android.

Please check out Settings > Smartlight > Use screenlight. This works exactly as you suggested, gradually lighting up before the alarm.

Thanks for answering.

I tested it now, and in my case it shows the screen to turn off. My smart phone is a redminote 7.

It would also be interesting to set the light to start some time before the beep of phone and smartband vibration alert.

Hello Alan,
if you set a time delay on your alarm sound and on the vibrations, then the alarm will first light up the screen, and only when you are not snoozing / dismissing, then after a set period of time the alarm sound will be triggered.
The max delay is 24 minutes - usually long enough to be woken only by the light. From the feedback I have from our users, 10 minutes is usually enough… But this might be individual, so you can play with the settings to find your perfect fit.

For sound delay: Settings -> Alarm default settings -> Alarm sound start (might be hidden under Advanced options)
For phone vibrations delay: Settings -> Alarm default settings -> Vibrate (also under Advanced)
For wearable vibrations delay: Settings -> Wearables -> Vibrate


I tested the delay settings, and it worked perfectly.
Also looking at the screen the brightness increases progressively.

Again thank you very much. This app is amazing.