Audio files can be exported to a computer

Can you add the audio to the web page? I mean in a way I can listen to the audio or download it from the web page. Or if you don’t want to spend too much on servers, added a feature to save or upload all the audio of one night. For example, I have 99 audios from Saturday sleep but is too difficult to listen to on my cell phone, but in the computer is easy and I can edit to filter noise if you can add the upload feature for example to Telegram, drive of Google, Microsoft Cloud or in Mexico Claro Drive, etc.

In Gmail to send a file is too limited to a few megabytes.

I want to listen to my snores because sometimes are very light the snore or I have problems breathing? And other times I can hear the snore, but I don´t know if is too loud, because I hear too much noise (I don’t know if is from my air conditioner or electric fan.

Or you can add a feature where we can plug a professional microphone or a sensor.

Thanks in advance.