Are there any non-wearable sleep trackers integrated?

I’d like to move away from sleeping in my smartwatch (it’s bulky and I often forget to charge it), so I’ve been looking at other options. The Withings looked good, but doesn’t integrate with SaA. Are there any other options?

Hello Edna, what about using Sonar, it is a contact less sleep tracking method using a Sonar/Radar - ultrasonic signal produced by your phone. We measure reflected signal fro your body and even detect breath rates in a good setup… please see

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I don’t know if my bedside setup will work with it, but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks!

Hello Edna, big thanks… I think the setup is quite straightforward as just placing the phone on the bedside table would mostly work… although if you want to maximize sensitivity then there are some tweaks such as putting the phone above the body directing it with the mic to the body etc…

Do you have any specific condition which you think would make Sonar less efficient?

Many thanks…

My phone spends the nights on a wireless charger that’s in a sectioned valet tray on top of a two-shelf mini-bookcase on my bedside table, there’s a unit for my temperature-controlled bed pad between me and the bookshelf (the hose is too short to put it anywhere else), and there is frequently a cat on my face, though the only one I’m really that worried about is the distance between me and the phone and seeing if I can angle the tray in the right direction. My husband also uses a biPAP machine, would the sound of that interfere with the sonar/recording stuff?