App on multiple devices?

How can I use the app on both my phone and tablet to show the data collected from my Ticwatch Pro?

So far I’ve just used the app on the phone but seeing the information on the tablet as well would make it way easier to read (I’m old lol)

Yes you can!
You’d need to sync them via SleepCloud, and the sync won’t be perfect (settings and alarms won’t sync really, and if you’ll track on both devices at the same time you won’t get the overlapping records to show on both).

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I wouldnt track on both, just on the phone, but I’d like to look at the stats etc on the tablet.

I have no idea what sleepcloud is so I’ll look into that.

Does it mean buying the full app twice?

No definitely not, if you have the same account on both devices than you have the full app on both.
You can also put the app (if you buy the standalone unlock, not in-app) into the Family Library on Play Store.