App is not unlocked although I have paid - Sleep as Android

Firstly - did you buy the unlock as a separate app ("Sleep as Android Unlock") or as an in-app purchase? The solution is different in each case.

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I have Sleep as Android Unlock installed on my phone however Sleep for Android program still shows Ads and message to unlock. Since I have paid for the software, why am I still getting Ads? This is not right. I was one of the earlier users of Sleep for Android.

There are no instructions for these users here. Please provide.

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I have the same excact problem.
I purchased it 8 years ago but I can’t use the premium features anymore. Very disappointing :frowning:

Hello, make sure the Unlock app is installed directly from Play Store, another alternative source won’t be recognized by Google, and the purchase recognition won’t work.
Reinstall the Unlock app directly (unless you are from Russia, in that case, do not uninstall the app, as Russia region is currently under a ban on Play Store):

What is the version of your Sleep app and Unlock app?