App crashes at start

Detailed description of the problem:
When I launch the app, it just crashes now. I’ve been using the app for years and this is the first time it’s crashed from the start of the application.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Just launch the app. Will create the screen seen below
  2. Be informed that the app keeps crashing and be sent back to the home screen.

I do know the charts used to take some time to start and would even result in crashes if I requested to view them. I see in the snapshot that anytime the app starts, it also tries to show a chart. Is it possible the app simply has too much information?

Also, because the app keeps crashing, I cannot send a normal error report as mentioned in the FAQ.

This is on a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I also do keep the data saved on GDrive and Dropbox and integrated with GoogleFit.

Version of Sleep as Android: 20210118

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I have the same problem since yesterday. It breaks down immediately after I started it.

Hello, sorry for the issue this is a bug in Android System Webview update from Google. We are working on a fix on our end, Google also shoul be fixing this shortly a workaround is touninstall updates from the Android System Webview component in Phone Settings > Apps

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It seems from the latest update at the article that Google already released a fix… so I think you woul be able to fix this simply just by updating the Webview from Play Store… sorry for the issues and many thanks for reporting…

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Many thanks! I couldn’t update webview, but I was able to update Chrome after uninstalling and reinstalling it. Doing that seems to have resolved the issue.

For some weirder reason, it seems updating webview is trickier due to Chrome taking priority and will actually disable it on Samsung phones. Despite this, Chrome claimed to have been on the latest version… so no clue why it didn’t ‘update’ to the fixed version.

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I had the same problem on my pixel 3 XL. This morning I check on the play store and got an update for the webview. I installed it and everything is fine now so far.

@SandMarq @FlameSoulis big thanks for the updates on the issue…

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Webview is disabled on my Samsung S7 so no update in Play Store. But when I disabled Chrome Browser (uninstall not possible) the crashing of Sleep stopped, it works again as usual. And Firefox is at least as good as Chrome…

At the moment it seems the issue is really fixed for everyone? Anyone still having some issues?

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After reinstaling Chrome and G.Webview your app doesnt work. It is runing but alarm will not start at time i’ve set.

Hello, if you have troubles with alarms, please use the Left ☰ menu > Report a bug, and send us your logs. Thank you.

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Hello @Roman, are you on Samsung? It seems Samsung will put any app which is crashing to the list of Sleeping apps and this will break any background processing of such app like alarms or sleep tracking. Can you please check here on how to remove Sleep as Android from the list of Sleeping apps?

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Despite the “catastrophe,” Sleep As Android completed my sleep, my graph, and my alarm!

The bigger crashes were a few hours later, but it had been happening sporadically for a couple days, randomly. SaA kept on truckin.’ Until a certain time when virtually ALL apps crashed on opening. I foolishly factory reset my phone. And I forever lost some deprecated, but beloved old apps. :slightly_frowning_face: I lost the old diary Sleepmeter because of the factory reset. It’s gone. Forever. I had a life record going way back before SaA, and it’s all gone. Sigh.

But it was very easy doing the reset. It didn’t take long at all getting things back to normal. I guess it was healthy for the phone. A phone-oscopy. LOL

All the best for everyone who got through the crisis with as little disturbance as possible.


Your sound files of various kinds may have gotten moved around. That happened a little bit with me. You have to do over your alarm sound, looking for the sounds you want. The first morning after, I got a beeping. No music. I fixed it.