Anyone using a Verizon Wear24 WearOS watch (made by Quanta)

So Verizon has been clearing out for the last six months a WearOS smartwatch called the Verizon Wear24 (made by a company called Quanta) to the point that now that the ebay channels have them down to $40 I could not resist and bought one.

I tried to get Sleep as Android working with it on my OnePlus 6T and it has not worked. I have gone through the forums and documentation on the website and I see that the 6T could be blocking Sleep as Android from working correctly, and followed the recommendations to no avail. I figured it was probably me. So I moved over the watch to my old Pixel XL running Android Pie and I do not seem to be having much luck there either.

I have not gotten any more sophisticated apps running on it yet, like Lightflow, but all the regular apps and their notifications seem to be working correctly.

I am not so much asking for assistance yet, as I have not checked to see what log files Sleep as Android has and read through them, but is anyone successfully using this watch with Sleep as Android?