Anti-talk and other sounds alerts

Hey add anti sleep talk feature. Sometimes it is embarrassing if you scream during sleep.
Anti snoring feature doesn’t differentiate this thing. Screaming is something different it is too laud and it is need to stop ASAP.
Vibrations could be enough.

support conversation with Azhar

I’m trying to use this app for detecting and preventing sleepwalking and sleep talking by using a MiBand 3 wearable to vibrate when it detects such behavior. It’s really annoying to wake up my partner by either talking or doing random stuff in the middle of the night.

Could we please have a feature similar to Anti-Snoring, but that triggers the alarm when it detects one of the given tags like Talking, Baby cry and Laughter or at least have these detections sent as Events through Tasker, but ideally as they start, so there’s not much delay from the moment the actual fact starts happening ?


Actually, it would be necessary to also have the Tasker functionality too, since I need it to trigger the notification on the wearable, since I need it to vibrate until I completely wake up so I’m sure I stop doing whatever I’m doing.


Have a look here dude, might be the solution you’re looking after:

A ready-to-run task is attached as well (do not forget to enable Tasker in SleepAsAndroid!)

Thanks, but it looks like it’s using just the Snoring events. I need to use the Talking and other ones, as Snoring isn’t enough to detect whatever I’m doing :smiley:
The issue was that those events weren’t exposed through Tasker.
I haven’t checked lately if they were added though.

u wrong, just scroll the list down.
edit: You might need to set up multiple profiles though (one profile appears to be able to only handle a single event), all can use the same Task

Oooh, I see. Thank you for pointing that out!
Setting up multiple profiles sounds just fine.

My boyfriend and I both use the sleep cycle app. While there is a feature to wake you up from snoring, there is no feature to wake you up from sleep talking, crying, or other sleep noises. My boyfriend has nightmares where he makes loud noises in his sleep, and we want to use the app so that it makes a sound to wake him up when I am away and not able to wake him myself.

The app can already detect and record sleep talking, crying, and laughter. We would like for the app to detect when these sounds are made, and then play a noise to wake him up. It would be helpful for us if there was an option to choose which sleep sounds you want to be woken up for, rather than just snoring.

Please - this would be a huge help! There is NO other app that has this functionality and I hope this would be reasonable to implement given the anti-snoring feature already in place.

What you want should be achievable using Tasker.
Please read this exact thread in full.