Anti-snoring - Sleep as Android

Helps you (or your partner) fight snoring.

When enabled, Anti-snoring looks for snoring sounds while you are sleep tracking and will react and try to make you stop snoring.

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Worked more efficiently at start. Currently recordings show snoring but the anti snoring feature shows as not being activated. Many instances were anti snoring activity without snoring but most where snoring occurs and is recorded anti snoring is not activated. Sporadic effectiveness.

I changed from Amazfit fto a Fitbit Versa 3 now. Why is Sleed as Android not completely supported by this device? No Snoring detection (althoug microphone and speaker available) and no vibration when connected with smartphone in range…?

Hello, if you have troubles with vibrations, please contact (ideally with the reporting log after a tracking, Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug).

The snoring detection cannot be designed to work with a mic on the wearable at this moment - the process of sound recognition is too complex, and the wearables cannot be used for such a CPU-intensive process as real-time sound analysis.


Is there a good way to use it with a Pixel Watch or would a Garmin be better (when using a phone for snore detection)?

Both are compatible, so both can be used for anti-snoring. But do not use Bedtime mode on Pixel, it blocks the vibrations.

Okay, changed to a Garmin Fenix 5 S Plus - Companion App on Watch is installed. This night SleepAsAndroid recognized several snorings on the phone, but the Garmin didn’t vibrate.
Where is my fault?

@mooseheadmarcus can you please use menu > support > report a bug, we will have a look what was happening… Many thanks…

@mooseheadmarcus just got note from @lenka-urbandroid on this, she told me that in the Garmin Connect app there is a setting to turn on DND mode on the watch when sleeping and this is then blocking any vibrations… can you please check that?

To automatically turn on do not disturb mode during your sleep hours, open the device settings in the Garmin Connect™ app, and select Sounds & Alerts > Do Not Disturb During Sleep.

DND was not activated

To lift this thread up again:
Why doesn’t Sleep As Android simply use the vibration of the app (in Garmin environment) for waking a snorer when snorig is detected in the app on the phone which is always nessecary for using?
This would avoid extreme battery drain and garmin functions as body battery etc. would still be available?