Anti snore vibration

I know this was asked for a long time ago but didn’t want to reply to that thread in case it doesn’t push it to the top:

Can we have an option to disable vibration on phone when wearing a wearable for Anti-Snore? Having a phone vibrate wakes my wife too which defeats the object of Anti-Snore…

A gold-plated solution is for the wearable’s microphone to detect the snoring then I don’t need my phone in the bedroom. (Something I don’t normally do anyway)


I would also like to +1 this. My ideal situation would be to use the microphone on my phone to register the snoring, and to vibrate my Fitbit Charge 2 (or other wearable) so as not to wake anyone else in the room, wives husbands etc. I can’t find any other app that will do this, or any mention of how to do this in the sleep as android documentation at the moment. Having the phone make noises or vibrate wakes other people up. thanks in advance.