An other pulse oximeter


I was using the o2ring by wellue/viatom.
Now I am using the cheaper wear02 custom model PO1.
It almost double in size but has almost half the cost.

It works with the great 02ring add on(thank you for reverse engineering it), but has a flaw that could be fixed by SaA.

As long as it connected to the custom app the display stays on.
It is very bright and not adjustable… Good for a nightly way to the ceramic or refrigerator, but not for sleeping.
On the very professional made video how to use the o2add I learned I have to run the viahealth app in the background. I never did it. I have to wait 2…3 seconds until the ring is connected. Starting viahealth during this phase the connection to SaS is immediately established. But it is not required to place viahealth in the background.

So, with the wearo2 I have the problem that the display stays on, drawing almost all battery.until the next morning by senseless “enlighten” the bed room.

Meanwhile I found a work around, but it is a bit lengthy.

Take on the wear02
Wait until it has values.
Display is on and stays on.
Start SaS
Start recording.
Display stays on.
Let it record for approx 2 minutes.
The display stays on and would be on the whole night
Stop the recording.
Display turns off! Surprise.
Start recording
Display stays off!

The battery now lasts approx 3 days
And I don’t have a bright bed room.
But I can’t see the values on the device,
Because if I press the button, the display would stay on the whole night. But the o2ring app displays the values in the status of the smartphone.

So, why this text in that bad english?
On the one hand I want to tell, that o2app works with the wearo2 custom model po1 ring too.
On the other hand I would like ask if it would be possible that SaS disconnects on its own after 2 Minutes and immediately reconnects to turn the display easier.
Third that would allow to use the less expensive device.

I already wrote to Viacom, but didn’t get a response.

Any takers?


Hello, the addon for O2Ring is not ours but was done by another developer (chakaponden), so we cannot take credit :slight_smile: all thanks to them.
Since the whole integration is relying on BT sniffing, reverse engineering, and tons of hacks, it might be limited. Every action, that would be super easy for direct integration, requires a lot of effort.
Sleep is not controlling the device, we only expose our API and collect data from the addon.

Have you tried talking to Den?
Restarting the tracking has a risk of lost connection (and not being able to restore the tracking back), so it might be probably better to implement an automatic dim.

As it may matter others who owns a
wellue viatom PO1 wearO2.
My current workaround:

I turn on the ring
Place on the thumb
Display is on
Wait 2 minutes until the display is turned of.
Start SaS (not ViHealth)
Recording starts
Blinking heart indicates data from the ring is flowing.
Display stays off.

I think that’s a bug in wearO2 firmware 1.2.0
The newer 1.7.0 in the smaller PO2 sleepO2 turns the display always off after 3 minutes as everyone would expect.

Sometimes it is required to start and stop ViaHealth app to get it going.
But currently that works for me very stable.

Maybe interesting:
If SaS is recording, ViHealth can’t get a connection to the ring.
But when ViaHealth is running, SaS can connect the ring.