Amoled support for aod

Hi, I really like this app :slight_smile: I have an important suggestion/bug to tell you. When sleep tracking, the aod does not work with amoled and lights up the black screen somehow. I’d like the clock to be the only lit up pixels on the screen to save battery. Thanks!

Hi Martin, welcome to the forums!
By comparison, are you able to remote control the display with other apps to do what you expect?

What do you mean

I mean the Sleep as Android is causing your device to activate its backlight (Black screen?) but you’d rather have it only illuminate the digits of the clock, right?

My question was do you use any other app with the aod which causes/can cause the device to configure/ operate the display way you want it to?

Sharing that into (App and device detail such as manufacturer, model, app names etc.) might be helpful in determining a solution.

If I use an app with the aod? I don’t understand… I use aod from my system now and forced screen off tracking. I have the Xiaomi mi 11

Oops! I thought AOD was a brand name or meant “add on device” i.e. a wearable. I get it now. Hopefully SaA team can add/improve support for amoled aod (always on display, right?)

Oh, yeah that’s what I meant… :slight_smile:

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