Amazon AppStore listing the unlocker app as "incompatible with your device" despite Google PlayStore listing it as compatible

Detailed description of the problem:
While trying to install Sleep as Android Unlocker (that I bought years ago) from the Amazon Appstore, the Appstore returns an “incompatible device” error message, preventing me from downloading/installing it on my new Pixel 6. I have a similar problem with my older Pixel 3 despite the app already being installed and working properly.
On the other hand, on the Google Play Store, the unlocker app is shown as being compatible.

Steps to reproduce:
Buy unlocker app on Amazon AppStore and try to install it on a Pixel device.

Version of Sleep as Android:

After getting in touch with Amazon Appstore support, it appears the application is no longer supported / updated / available. I was literally suggested to “install the APK” by the support since I already paid for it.
I hope I won’t have to go down this road, but seeing how little support I’ve received so far (and the fact that I don’t want to spend 20€ on something I already paid for in the past) I don’t think there’s much other option for me…

Hello @JordanC, please ping us at We can switch you from Amazon unlocker to the Google Play unlocker. Sorry about the lack of reply for your earlier post!

Hey @jiri-urbandroid, I’m facing the same issue.
I owned the sleep as android unlocker on Amazon app store and now (on switching device from, s10 to s22 u) I can’t find it on the store.
I’ve been a user of sleep as android since the Google+ beta days. Can anything be done?

I sent in an email report with screenshot and order number as well.