Amazfit Stratos integration/compatibility


It would be really nice if the Amazfit Stratos is supported. This watch is very similar to the Pace. So possibly could be done in a single update. Thanks in advance


Oh, yeah, PLEASE…

PLEAAAAAAAASE add support for the Amazfit STRATOS. It’s a great gadget and I’m really thinking about getting rid of it because I’m not using the s.a.a. with it…


We don’t support the Amazfit watches directly. We support them through 3rd party app called Tools&Amazfit which proxies their data to us.
So please if possible, ask the developer of Tools&Amazfit for adding support.


Hi, Jiri.
I’m also interesting with support for Amazfit Stratos watch. But I believe that situation shall not be as such difficult. When I analyzed, how is working Mi Fit application, I saw so is there direct support for this watch, but data is not coming directly. Data are sucked from support application Amazfit Watch. I think that there must be some API for picking this information - especially sleep info and heart rate.
I know, that best way should be sync feature request for Amazfit watch app, but can be lasting so long and you may be quicker.

Many thanx for you app and the effort.

BR Rad