Amazfit PACE is not supported! Why?

I have bought and paid for the full app and was hoping there would be integration with my smartwatch which is the amazfit pace. Please add this. Thank you!

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Dear Ali, Amazfit PACE has a different protocol than the other Amazfit watches. The protocol is completely reverse-engineered by the author of Amazfit Tools, which is an immense effort, taking months to get to any usable state.
Currently I don’t know whether PACE can be supported - it would be best if you asked the author of Amazfit Tools directly.

We ourselves definitely cannot integrate the PACE - we rely completely on 3rd parties about this.

I’m really disappointed that Amazfit Pace cannot connect with Amazfit Tools.
I bought this since I read the comment of 16/1/2018 on Smart watch and Wearable of Sleep as Android