Amazfit GTS smart alarm not working

I bought recentlt a Amazfit GTS that has full integration with Sleep As Android.

But I have a little problem, the smart alarm doesn’t work at all. It wake me up only at the end of the alarm not on the first light sleep phase detected.

I tried without the DND, same problem. Tried to set the smart alarm on Amazfit Tools but same thing.

For information, sleep tracking works ok.

Can you help me how to set it properly?
Thanks a lot.

Hello, can you please use menu - report a bug from the app?

Done. I hope it works soon.
Sleep as Android free don’t let me sleep track daily?

Woth my other phone, it works, I mean it was working…
Simce last firmware update of the watch, no more data coming from the watch and it causes sleep as android do disconnect bluetooth…
Can anyone help me there?