Amazfit gts and sleep tracking not working ANYMORE

Tested already and it works with Amazfit tools but it does not work with notify me and fitness, could you maybe contact the dev for this?

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I’m using an amazfit GTS but Notify & Fitness for Amazfit still can’t recognize the smartwatch accelerometer, can you please talk with the developers for a fix?

Hello, we can mention it to the Notify & Fitness guys… but we are much more in contact with Tools & Amazfit… I think GTS shoudl work in the app, right?

Please contact them :slight_smile:
At the moment Sleep as Android can detect the GTS heart monitor sensor but not the motion sensor :frowning:

Many thanks we will contact them…


Here is one of my last graphs with 99% deep sleep xD

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Same issue here

Hello, we have seen in the latest release notes of Notify & Fitness that they fixed their GTS compatibility issue. So please make sure to update to the latest Notify & Fitness… on the other hand Tools & Amazfit author Zdenek Horak fixed GTS compatibility already a month ago… so I would conside rmigrating to Tools & Amazfit…