Allow us set alarm as "wake me after X hours after get asleep"

It would be nice if I could set the alarm to trigger after X hours after I get asleep.

Hey Pilda! This is actually already possible on the current version.
Click on the top left hamburger menu and scroll down. There will be a “Sleep X hours” button on the shortcuts section. I just tested it, and if you change your sleep duration goal and close the app (not just exit, but dismiss it as well on multitask view), after you open it back up it will update to the new value.

leonardosegurat: thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, it is more like a workaround than the function I need. The problem is that if I change the sleep duration, it will screw up the sleep statistics (sleep deficit). And would be quite annoying to change it back each time. And what is more, I even don’t have the settings there. Maybe I hid it somehow sometime and I cannot find the settings to turn it on again.

I think the place in the left menu would be a good place for the feature, though. Just if devs added custom time for the alarms there.