Allow time to optionally be associated with a tag

From David Bu on 2016/06/04 06:47:59 +0000

Certain medications, activities, supplements, and foods consumed around the end of wake period can delay onset or be a detriment to quality of sleep. Examples: caffeine, stimulant medication, vigorous activity for some, some meals, emotional states, etc.

However, the same may be neutral or even beneficial consumed earlier on the wake period.

Likewise similar classes may tend to induce or improve the quality of sleep late in the period of wakefulness. For example: melatonin, meditation, certain lighting arrangements, sedatives.

While they may have different effects earlier on.

By allowing a time to be associated with a tag, relevant statistics may be generated. Furthermore, alternative tracking apps (for caffeine, e.g) would become less relevant while integrating into an understanding of their impact on sleep.

By being switched off by default, backwards compatibility would be maintained and complexity advised fit those without interest.

When enabled, tag time could default to time added for simplicity, with the option to editly time experienced later or through another “always ask” switch.

This would provide a means of implementing prior suggestion:

but without limitation to medication.

Copied from original feature request:

From David Bu on 2016/06/08 17:48:10 +0000

Even a simple model could be useful.


"Early" could be within the first 3 or 4 hours of walking.

"Ideal bedtime" within 3 hours of ideal sleep time.

"Before sleep" within 3 hours of actual sleep time.

"Mid-wake" would be any other time.

Maybe "Mid" could even be excluded as not significantly different from unspecified time as used now.