Allow multiple alarms to ring at the same time (avoid missing)

From Eduardo on 2017/04/24 14:21:48 +0000

I was using Sleep as Android as my default alarm manager, not only for the sleep/wake up alarm, but also for my daily appointments and reminders.

But unfortunately, when one alarm is snoozed, if another alarm rings, and the snooze time is over, the snoozed alarm doesn’t ring, and is missed… (and I miss the appointment…)

The same happens if two alarms are set to ring at the same time: one rings, and the other is missed.

Also the same happens if one alarm is already ringing, and another alarm comes on (the second one is missed).

It would be perfect if both were kept ringing in these situations, with both alarm labels showing on the alarm screen simultaneously.

I’ve found few alarm managers apps with this functionality (example: Alarm Clock from Macro pinch ( ), which I’m currently using) , but they are far away from the huge list of other great functionalities of Sleep as Android.

I think this is relatively simple to be implemented, and if done, would allow me to stop using these other apps for my daily appointments, and concentrate all my alarms inside Sleep as Android.


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