Allow changes of alarm volume when the alarm is already ringing

I have a little suggestion that would be helpful for some users like me. I explain:

I have a daily alarm that recalls an internet radio station for the morning News. To be effective, I have to set the volume for this alarm rather high. his feature would be made active by selecting the corresponding new option in the" Volume Buttons Behavior" menu item.
The idea behind this is to have the alarm (in my case a web radio station) to start with a rather high volume, so to be effective as a wake-up incentive, but to give the possibility to lower the volume while listening.

It would be nice to have the possibility to configure the volume buttons to act as such once an alarm is sounding. Of course, the volume with which an alarm starts will always be the one chosen in the corresponding alarm settings, and the volume keys will have effect while the alarm is going on.

The suggested feature can be risky for many people. Might it be something that is part of the advanced settings, and which can be set on the basis of the single alarm (for instance, “6.44 Radio News, everyday”), NEVER as a default setting for ALL the alarms?

support conversation with Juan

I use Alexa routines for the volume changes. It doesn’t affect the alarm because I want it to gently rise. Only takes me 1-2 minutes to be awakened. And 2 minutes later (with a static time setting because Alexa doesn’t have SaA as a skill yet), it starts the custom “Good Morning” routine. And the lights are changed by Hue to max brightness at that time with a touch of blue to stop the melatonin.

The only thing I would want out of this is Alexa integration so when I change the alarm, which I do frequently, I have to manually change the Alexa and Hue routines. I wish it could come from inside the app instead.

Hue is a special case because it’s already integrated but at brightness and color palette set by SaA. Sure wish I could attach a Hue routine “after alarm dismiss” just as I’d like Alexa to do. Alexa will set your volume to any level you choose. I would like the trigger to be “after alarm dismiss.”

Hmm. If you wanted to raise or lower your alarm volume while it’s still on, I suppose you could set up a routine to do just that as long as you know the exact time you want it to fire. It’s not integrated . . . yet, so you’ll have to manually set the time or just tell it to raise the volume. If your alarm fires at 7 AM, pick a time when you want it to go to max volume and it will do it for you. I hope it will be integrated at some point.

One caveat about Alexa: after it plays a song for however long it is, the routine is over. So it says “good morning” to me no matter what time I dismiss the alarm, and then plays the song of my choice at full volume. After music, that’s it. You then have to set up a follow-up routine. That’s okay with me because I don’t want to hear the traffic, news and weather immediately upon awakening. I want some time to get into the shower and connect my phone to a water resistant Bluetooth speaker. Old little Sony thing: works great!

I just tell the Alexa app “Play Morning Information” and it does it! I put the speaker right outside the shower. It gets misted but not immersed.

You do not need a separate Alexa stand-alone device. It’s inside my phone, my TV, etc. They put it everything they make and have a phone app. It turns the downstairs TV on remotely! I just tell it to do it.

Hope maybe this helps for now. If Alexa was integrated, it would be so easy to set up the routine based on a SaA trigger! I have to get up much earlier tomorrow for a meeting, so I have to set everything to that time. And then put it back manually.

This is right out of “The Jetsons” cartoon. :grin:

Have a great day. I think it’s day there.