Allow automated delete Alarm / not allow duplicates

Hey there!

First of all, thank you very much for this life changing app. Sleep is very important…

I am currently using it as a backup alarm that automatically gets generated through an intent from my smart home server (Home Assistant).
So if my main alarm (home automation) doesn’t work when it should, or I’m asleep after some given period from the main alarm, SleepAsAndroid should wake me up.
That means I have a lot of changes in my alarm going every day on and off (it’s deactivated if I don’t need it and reactivated for the next day), with mostly the same alarm time.
Every time I disable the alarm it goes deactivated and not deleted, and the next time that my system sends the " Set alarm " intent to re-enable it, SleepAsAndroid creates a new one. Also there isn’t any way to send a delete command to dismiss every deactivated alarm.
That results having a big list with identical, deactivated alarms.
Having a delete intent or let the App check if there is an existing identical alarm to enable it instead creating a duplicate, would solve that.

Thank you very much for your time!

Hope I made my self clear :slight_smile: