Allow app to 'learn' light levels for awake detection

Let me help the app ''learn" the range of light level in my sleeping room, for it to be able to better guess when I am not sleeping. This should also be used to mark “sleep start” time better.

Before sleep time usually I have my Watch and phone on charging and hence not wearing it. Most of the times, my sleep start time is incorrect, if I sleep late. I think I might get best success by the light detection in awake triggers. But it did not help track my sleep start correctly so far by tweaking its sensitivity settings in app. It will be great if I can help the app by making it ‘learn’ the range of light to expect while I am sleeping. I know that my phone charges in living room with much more light, but while sleeping I keep phone near my bed which has a tiny night light on. My average sleep time guessed by the app is around 11:30 AM, but I actually go to sleep around 1 or 2 AM, but the app still marks my sleep started between 11:30 to 12.

Same here but for awake detection.

When the blind is shut, I get 0 lux. But when I turn on the bedside lamp, I get 13 lux because of where my phone is.
With light level detection sensitivity at High, the threshold is 30 lux.

Sleep should detect at what level the light is when we sleep and when we’re awake.

Here’s what it looks like when a mosquito annoyed me (btw I had to manually set the awake periods):