Alarm without sounds required

Is it possible to configure an alarm without any sound, just with vibration?

It is! Just set the ringtone on the specific alarm to ‘Silent’.
To get to the individual alarm settings, tap on that alarm in the list of alarms (left menu > alarms, or tap on the alarm card). You can also set this while creating a new alarm.

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I was trying to configure the default alarm. Very clear your explanation.

Thank you.

It’s not possible to set a silent ringtone as the default. This is a safety measure to prevent people from unknowingly setting all their alarms to silent and oversleeping.

Hi. Isn’t there really a workaround for this? I’d like to use the automatic “ideal sleep time” alarm, but really wanted it to be silent by default (I rely on my smart band and a QR captcha to make sure I get off bed).