Alarm tone is loud ringing instead of spotify

Detailed description of the problem:
Three times recently (today, yesterday, and about 2 weeks ago) my morning alarm has been a loud ringing tone instead of the ‘current spotify playlist’ it’s meant to be. Spotify seems to open correctly, but doesn’t play, then after a long delay the app just makes a jarringly loud ringing noise. I can’t find a setting to disable this, or any reason why spotify won’t play. It’s not a pleasant thing to wake up to.

Steps to reproduce:
Honestly, no idea. I haven’t changed anything from my usual settings that (generally) have worked fine for as long as I’ve had the app.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Can’t find the number but it updated 10 hours ago

Many thanks for the report. We have found the root of the issue and it will be fixed in the next beta, including some added features to the Spotify integration!

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I think I have the same issue (you see the spotify app openning but anyway it plays a default song from the phone in place of using spotify).

Do you know when the fix is going to be available in the stable version? to know if I should wait for it or install the beta app