Alarm started to early, why?


I’m currently trying the app together with a Samsung Gear S3. I had set the alarm for 09:00 with a 40min window to look for light sleep but the alarm on the phone started ringing already before 08:00, how come?
Could it be something with daylight time saving?

My graph it it helps

Also, is it the phone that vibrates and not the watch? (Or have I missed a setting)

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I cannot say anything without seeing the logs (menu > report a bug), so whenever such thing happens, please send us a debug log the first thing in the morning.
Thank you very much
Jiri Richter

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have seen the logs (app and wearable). But this specific error I have not been able to reproduce, It only happened once.
Now I experience different errors (another topic, red line)